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The divorce resources listed below provide helpful information about a range of important topics, all provided by experts and other knowledgeable individuals. Topics include all things legal and financial, health and body, and more lighthearted content like makeup how-tos, music recommendations, and recipes.

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Consider all the hoopla around weddings. Your family and friends surround you and pronounce, through their words and deeds, that they stand by your side during this life-changing experience. The band or DJ plays your favorite tune as you and your husband sway together wrapped in each other's arms. It's a great…
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Thursday, 31 January 2013 09:15
There are the times, usually carefully chosen, when I feel I have to say something to my husband, even if it hurts. On the way home from a recent dinner party: "Honey, the Carters have been telling us since last fall that their son Justin has his heart set on Brown.""They are calling&
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Monday, 11 August 2008 10:31
If he does that one more time, I am calling a lawyer. That's it. He's been asked politely, with the proper phrasing from the couples counselor: "Don't say ‘You forgot to get the milk.' " Instead say, "I feel bad when you forget things like this, honey."I remind myself:&
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Monday, 04 August 2008 10:06
Kids have bionic ears — seriously, they do. When you're in the car, radio blaring, windows open, talking on the cell phone they pick up on the tiniest little piece of information and then disseminate it at the worst possible…
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Thursday, 01 November 2012 11:17
Could dwelling-hungry divorcées be just what our depressed real estate market needs? It seems like a stretch, but people in need of fresh starts make up a larger part of home buyers than you might think. Up north, top Toronto condo marketer Brad Lamb estimates that sales due to couples…
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Tuesday, 20 November 2007 17:00
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