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Erika Moore

Erika Moore is co-founder of Romance Language, a New York City-based online dating consulting agency.

She has been quoted in Newsday, Figure and Imagine magazines and on, and

Erika writes and posts online dating profiles that highlight her clients' most attractive and unique traits when seeking potential matches in this busy — some might say "over-heated" — social arena.

As a creative writer who has written for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, the television show "Days of Our Lives" and is currently penning a young adult novel, Erika looks for character-revealing details, like she would when writing a play or novel.

Her rules: No negativity, clichés or bland – everybody has a story and a personality. The trick is telling that story online while revealing the personality, or what Erika calls the "voice," in the most riveting way.

She is also a blogger for

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Erika Moore

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