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Madelyn Miller

Madelyn Miller is a food, wine and travel writer who contributes to 12 publications with a combined circulation of several million.

She has been dubbed "The Travel Lady" by KDFW-TV, the Dallas Fox Station, where she frequently gives travel tips and advice. She became so well known that she founded, which now has over 200 contributors on six continents.

Madelyn is a featured spa writer for and contributes to,, She is co-founder of the F & B Travel Atlas Group which includes, and She also hosts a cyber show called "The Tattered Passport." Her all-time favorite job was when she did a show on chocolate for The Travel Channel.

When on the ground, Madelyn enjoys test-driving new cars. She is also founder of whch was developed to give the woman's point of view on the advantages of new car and truck models.

Her articles have appeared in Homestyles; Dallas/Fort Worth Lifestyles; Meeting Professional; Westward; Outlet Bound; Outbound Traveler; Sr. Texas; Texas People and PlacesNashville Business Journal and others. 

Madelyn Miller

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