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Kathleen Ameche

A "road warrior" for the last two decades, Kathleen Ameche is the CEO and President of Ameche Group LLC, a company she founded to help businesswomen maneuver through the business travel maze, master the corporate environment and create a satisfactory work-life balance, based on her 20+ years of professional experience.

To achieve this goal, she began by writing a book — The Woman Road Warrior: A Woman's Guide to Business Travel (Agate 2005). As a result, she received requests to make speeches and other presentations. At these sessions, numerous travelers shared with her their thoughts about what could make their travel experiences better. Thus she created the A-Way Travel Gear product line.

Ms. Ameche has also been Vice President of Business Development for West Monroe Partners, LLC, a business and technology consulting firm, and the Vice-President/Chief Information Officer for the Tribune Company, a Fortune 500 media and entertainment company. She has held senior management positions in the consulting arm of Geac (formerly Dun & Bradstreet Software), and she began her career as a consultant with Deloitte & Touche, a large public accounting firm.

Ms. Ameche has been a guest speaker and presenter at industry and professional conferences, seminars, and universities and has held board positions with several non-profits. She is also actively involved with the business of breeding and racing thoroughbred horses. When not on the road she lives in Chicago with her family.

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Kathleen Ameche

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