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Gi Gi Hayden

Gi Gi Hayden is the pseudonym for a New York financial journalist who, with her husband and twins, recently moved to the suburbs. She has extensively reported about economics and the stock market for 14 years. This is her first foray into first-person writing.

Gi Gi Hayden

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It's 2 a.m., He's Still Not Home

Thursday, 31 July 2008 11:42
Why am I still here? Why am I still so pissed? Why am I even contemplating leaving one more message on his turned-off cell phone? So that I can record my fury, my angst, onto that little microchip in cell phone cyberspace for posterity? Lord knows…

Things I Don’t Always Say

Monday, 04 August 2008 10:06
If he does that one more time, I am calling a lawyer. That's it. He's been asked politely, with the proper phrasing from the couples counselor: "Don't say ‘You forgot to get the milk.' " Instead say, "I feel bad when you forget things like…
There are the times, usually carefully chosen, when I feel I have to say something to my husband, even if it hurts. On the way home from a recent dinner party: "Honey, the Carters have been telling us since last fall that their son Justin has his…

Monkey Branching

Monday, 18 August 2008 15:51
OK, so you're asking: Why am I still here?I think I've got a new answer this week: Monkey Branching. You know, brachiation, swinging from limb to limb. Something gibbons do in the jungle.It's positively evil, emotionally unhealthy, this notion of…
When my husband proposed to me a dozen years ago, he said, "You elevate me." I knew it was hyperbole, but it was pretty romantic. (And I said, "Right back at ya.")"Together we can charm them all," he said, "We'll make&

An Open Letter to My Husband's Mistress

Monday, 08 September 2008 06:00
I just thought I'd take a late summer moment to give a nice little shout-out to my husband's mistress: Hi, hon! Love your new Jimmy Choos! Oh, your boyfriend bought them for you? Wow.I didn't know he — my husband, I mean — had such…

An Open Letter to My Cheating Husband

Monday, 15 September 2008 12:45
Okay, so last week I gave a nice shout-out to the mistress. Lest you think I'm one of those wives just blaming the other women for my husband's affair, don't worry. Two to tango, I know, I know. So I promised you a…
In sickness and in health. Yeah, yeah, I know. I said those words. So did DH. Does the "sickness" part also apply to deafness? I mean, a prolonged a case of "selective deafness"?The selective deafness (literally) came crashing home&