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Jeanette Longoria

We are known by the company we keep; ambassadors, presidents, members of congress, actors, kings, princesses, scholars, prime ministers, CEOs, governors, industrialists, mayors, dignitaries, writers, judges, master artists ... and of course, your next door neighbor.

Jeanette Jaffe-Longoria has met with heads of state, courtly leaders, wealthy international industrialists, royalty, political and religious leaders of every stripe, and still she remains the woman she has always been.

She tolerates the rigors of the international set and the pressures of diplomatic balance. But, she has never strayed from her roots of common and shared experiences and day-to-day accomplishment. Despite her intimate exposure to the world of the worldly, she is not distracted by the grandeur of the trappings and the setting, but she is comfortable in her understanding of the wisdom of the powerful.

You might ask, "Who is Jeanette Jaffe-Longoria?" She is the same person, the same woman you are, with the advantage of living in a time and a lifestyle that has granted her the right to speak from an experience few others have known. Jeanette believes that by sharing her view of the world she has known — an exclusive insight into a domain of happiness, success and love — she will have satisfied an obligation to give the same opportunity to women everywhere, who seek true fulfillment.

This was her inspiration for writing Aphrodite and Me — Discovering Sensuality and Romance at Any Age, and continues to be her motivation as she turns the enduring promise of Aphrodite into treasures that will touch the lives of modern women and release the spirit of the goddess that resides in each of us.

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Jeanette Longoria

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