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Joan Schramm

From my own personal experiences, I developed a passion for working with people to make a difference in their lives. What my clients and I do together is hard work, but it's deeply satisfying and we always manage to have fun along the way. It's always a joy to find someone who's ready to let go of old attitudes and limitations and see them stretch themselves to reach a place of fulfillment and passion for life. I love to work with people who are ready to get excited about their career, their business or their life. It gives me great satisfaction to see them set goals, achieve them, and be ready to set more. Their success is a gift for me, and I always learn new things about myself in the process. To learn more, visit me at

Joan Schramm

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A job search can be intimidating for even the most confident person. It's all the more daunting after an emotional set back like divorce.Perhaps you want to start a whole new life direction for yourself. Or maybe you're re-entering the job market…
Searching for a job can be an intimidating process. And if you’ve just been through a divorce, or are facing one, you no doubt have added anxiety about where your life is going. Whether you’re re-entering the job market after being at…