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Judith Scheffler

Judith Scheffler is the editor of Beyond the Corner Office — Essays by Nine Women, a collection of essays from AT&T/Lucent women about the past and current status of women in the workplace.

As an award winning freelance writer, Judith has had her work published in several magazines, reviews and newspapers. From Summit New Jersey, Judith may be contacted at

Judith Scheffler

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013 15:51
"You will be happy again," my friends said when — at 40-something — I was suddenly alone. I had my doubts. My then-husband had announced one New Year's Day he wanted a divorce, and I went into a tailspin. The future looked bleak. Now the good…
Shed enough tears? Done second-guessing your actions, his actions and all the "what-ifs?"Congratulations! Now it's time to start dating.If you're middle-aged like me, a new man won't come into your life without some effort on your part.…