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Jeffrey Gurian

As a young man, Jeffrey Gurian dreamed of pursuing a career in comedy writing. He found himself living out that dream when Rodney Dangerfield began to use his material on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

Since that time Jeffrey Gurian has successfully achieved a pinnacle within the comedy-writing field which of his colleagues could only imagine. Gurian can lay claim to having his lines uttered by some of the biggest names in the comedic entertainment world. Among those who have uttered his written word are Joan Rivers, Phil Hartman, Richard Beltzer, Gilbert Gottfried, Robin Williams, Milton Berle, Rich Little, Dick Shawn, Pat Cooper, Jan Murray, Frank Gorshin, Jim Morris, Henny Youngman, and Jerry Lewis.

Gurian has also penned special material for appearances by non-comic notables such as Bruce Willis, Willie Nelson Kris Kristofferson, Chad Everett, Frankie Avalon, Engelbert Humperdinck, Tony LoBiondo, Marty Ingels, Shirley Jones, Donald O'Connor, news anchors Chuck Scarborough and Ernie Anastos, attorney Jay Goldberg, and former NYC Mayor David Dinkins. In addition to these well known names, Gurian has also written material for the man referred to as "the father of the comedy club, Budd Friedman. Many of Gurian's writing projects were undertaken while he simultaneously maintained a successful Cosmetic Dentistry practice.

To date, Gurian has written three films released for audiences: "I'm Your Man" — the first interactive film ever made, "Face to Face," and" I Am Woody" — winner of Best Short Film at the NY International Film Festival.

Gurian and journalist Tripp Whetsell co-wrote a book comprised of a compilation of jokes, titled "Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive - Jokes So Dirty, Comedians and Entertainers Only Tell Them To Each Other."

Gurian has also written and directed several short comedy films for the Toyota Comedy Festival, entitled The "Men Who" Series. The series can be seen on Sprint and Microsoft mobile phones, and Smart Technology devices.

Gurian wrote a one-hour NBC after school special called "De La Salle" based on a real school in New York City for gifted children who come from disadvantaged neighborhoods.

He also wrote and directed a play entitled "A Punch In The Face"examining the question of whether or not man is inherently violent.

Gurian writes his own celeb-based entertainment column for the online magazine called "Comedy Matters."

No longer in general practice, Gurian maintains a connection to dentistry as an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Oral Medicine/Oro-Facial Pain Department at N.Y.U. College Of Dentistry.

Long involved in the esoteric art of touch healing, Gurian practices a self-developed technique called "STAR" Therapy (an acronym for Spiritual, Transformational, Affirmative, Resonance) which is a combination of modalities like Shiatsu, Reiki, Applied Kinesiology, Chakra Balancing, and Intuitive Healing, to treat stress-related illness and Depression, with a TMJ causation.

Gurian is the only non-classically trained psychotherapist on the Board of The Association for Spirituality and Psychotherapy, and he writes a weekly online column on Stress Tips for the Slim Fast company.

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Jeffrey Gurian

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