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Gregory Allan Cramer

Gregory Allan Cramer began his design career 20 years ago in Pennsylvania, after a successful stint in the art world. Cramer completed a BFA in Fine Arts from Carnegie-Mellon and Bucknell Universities and has studied all forms of art. He has a special interest in glass, jewelry design, and color theory. He studied glass-blowing with Dale Chihuly at the Haystack School in Deer Isle, Maine and has two glass sculptures in the permanent collection of The Corning Museum.

Cramer began exhibiting and selling his work when he was in high school and continues to do so. He owns Gallery 43, an interior design and art gallery in New Rochelle, N.Y., as well as a fine decorative painting company.

His distinctive arts background is prevalent in his use of color and the ability to apply a vast range of forms, textures and details to his interior design work. He also has a passion for antiques and art. He believes that they enhance the design, giving the home personality and soul that mixes well with all styles and periods.

Known for creating striking and expressive homes, Cramer has received national recognition for original interior design that blends references with the unexpected. His work has been described as witty, romantic and elegant. He also is a strong advocate of restoration instead of renovation, especially when working with a historic property.

Cramer believes decorating one's home should be an enjoyable experience. The key to successful design projects is achieving a complete understanding of the lifestyle, taste, budget and concerns of each client. By personally working clients from the beginning to the completion of their projects, Cramer's work reflects their personalities. This simple formula works well in the broad range of projects he has undertaken, whether a home in Westchester, a town house or apartment in New York, a penthouse in Miami, a historic property in Nantucket, high-end restaurant, executive offices or private yacht.

Cramer designs for a wide range of clientele, with budgets from modest to extravagant. Each client has a unique project, different concern, schedules and parameters, but the common goal is the same, "everyone wants the end result to be beautiful, comfortable and distinctive."

Cramer has been published in several national an international publications. He is an avid promoter for Habitat for Humanity, The Human Rights Campaign and The Westchester Children's Museum.

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Gregory Allan Cramer

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