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Brian Kilroy

Brian Kilroy served as Vice President of MBNA America Bank and the Bank of America where he led the Financial Advisory Service Division, a global business providing specialized hardship assistance, financial counseling, education and loan programs on a worldwide basis. As the Financial Advisory Service Division executive, he created, implemented, managed and directed employee assistance programs and operations centers in support of more than 28,000 clients in the United States and multiple international sites.

Kilroy also held management positions at MBNA in People Services, Corporate Relocations, Human Resources, and Telesales prior to his appointment to head the Financial Advisory Service Division. Before joining MBNA in 1997, he served in marketing and sales management positions in the consumer, automotive, marine and insurance industries.

He attended North Carolina Wesleyan College, is a certified housing and crisis counselor and an active volunteer and supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Brian Kilroy

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