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You've searched the bars, parks, book shops and everywhere else that's ever spurned a cute meeting between Meg Ryan and a male co-star. You've cruised the aisles at the Apple Store and found nothing but dudes checking out the latest technology. Before you bite the bullet and join an NFL booster club, check out these less conventional methods for discovering the men who have been flying under the radar like Clark Kent on an off-weekend.

Conventions. Yes, we're talking Comic-Con/Star Trek/dork conventions here. One friend says, "The men there can be so grateful and fawning, it's a tremendously invigorating change of pace to date them." Then again, they may have priorities other than, you know, real-life women.

Bar theme nights. Hunting for dates at the local bar is tired, but the local bar on Bingo night is a whole new ballgame. Not only is picking up a card and stamping out numbers actually fun, but hopefully you'll form some friendly, flirtatious rivalries with your neighboring competitors. Anyone can participate in Bingo, trivia night, spelling bees, board games or other dumb bar gimmicks; pay attention to the handsome chaps who know their Zachary Taylor from their William Jennings Bryant.

Weddings. You would think this would be an obvious choice, but most women seem to be totally caught up in trying to catch that ridiculous bouquet. Meanwhile, the men are all huddled together around the cocktail server, and there's Journey playing on the dance floor. Interrupt them and you'll find that at least one good-looker is attending the ceremonies because he, too, is a sucker for true love. Besides, nobody wants a major train wreck ruining their wedding, so these guys are already bride-approved.

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