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More often than not we associate chlamydia, herpes, and crabs with the young, reckless sexually naive set. You know -- one too many beers and no condom at the frat house, a night of passion with a hot stranger who leaves you with an ugly surprise, and so on and so forth.

Adults, like true honest to God middle-aged adults, should know better. Right? Right?

Apparently not. It appears the divorced, over-45 set in Great Britain is rediscovering the lost art of middle-aged STI-swapping.

According to the GUM (general-urinary medicine) clinics and Dr Christian Jessen, the sexual health expert and director of the Better2Know clinics, in the past five years almost all STI's have experienced a jump with the divorced, single, ready-to-jingle folks.

To be specific, chlamydia has risen 6%, herpes skyrocketed by an astonishing 80%, syphilis has gone up 40%, and genital warts is up 33%.

So what gives? Too much sex on T.V.? Raunchy rap lyrics? Is this something we can pin on Madonna and her baby Jesus? (Please say yes!)

Unfortunately, no. The culprit, experts say, is threefold: no fear of pregnancy (thus no condom), higher divorce rate (thus more casual sex) and drugs like Viagra and Cialis that help men perform later on in life.

If this trend continues, health officials may need to start spoon-feeding wrap-it-up type of education to people who have been having sex for well over 30 years. 

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  • Comment Link Guest Tuesday, 15 September 2009 11:48 posted by Guest

    Well an important thing to: Well an important thing to remember is when we were younger there wernt so many freaking">stis with so many out there it's impossible to do what we used to. When I was back in 75 I never used condoms and i was fine but now if you don't use them you can die! How scary is that .