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Okay, so you're in the middle of a divorce and your ex has somehow managed to ruin your credit even though you were the one who handled most, if not all, of the finances. What do you do? Well, First Wives World has tackled this subject before, and we're going to keep educating you about it because it's soooo important.

As many people know, divorce can bring on financial ruin. If you have merged assets and joint ownership of property (like most married couples do), this is a major issue! I was reading a story that brings up a good point: When you divorce, your marriage ends — but not your shared financial responsibilities. If your spouse racked up debt without your knowledge during the marriage, you may be held responsible for it after the divorce. It sucks, but it's true.

So financial experts agree that you must take action to cut all financial ties with your ex. Here's what you can do for starters:

1. Make sure you know where all accounts are, including bank accounts, mortgage loans, credit cards, and utilities. Even if you and your spouse have decided who gets what property, you need to make sure that the right person is solely responsible for their respective belongings.

2. Remove your spouse's name from all accounts or cancel them completely. You should both handle the canceling together. Start with the bank accounts. If you're taking possession of a car with both of your names on the note, have your spouse's name removed. Make sure that your spouse does the same thing with any property he takes.

And, if you're still paying for any of this property, then you may have to refinance to get the loan down to one name. Any bills you paid together, such as your utilities, should be put in one name. For credit cards, work with the companies to have them transfer half of the balance to two different accounts.

3. Sell your house and divide the profit. Agree on this before getting too far down the road in the divorce.

4. Divide all cash assets before divorce is final and courts get involved.

5. Make sure all financial agreements are documented in case there are any future discrepancies, say for example, a creditor dogging you about your ex's car payments.

6. Protect your credit at all costs. Make it a priority!

• Check your credit score at least once a year to make sure the divorce hasn't affected it adversely.

• Separate or cancel all joint accounts with your ex's help. Sever all financial bonds.

• Alert creditors of your impending divorce.

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  • Comment Link Confused2012 Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:09 posted by Confused2012

    I'm in the decision making factor with my husband on continuing and trying to make things work between us or leaving and saying screw it all. I know one of my biggest factors is that we are in so much financial debt, he's out of work right now on disability but that has ran out so he's no longer receiving an income even though he hasn't gotten approval to go back to work, we bought our house at the worst possible time and the value has depreciated substantially (almost $40,000), etc., etc., etc. I'm so at a lost with my life and marriage that I no longer no what to do. And what's even worse is that I have feelings for someone else who I have been with a few times over the course of 8 months. We never have intercourse, but have kissed and done other things. It's something that we both really, really want, but has never happened. Maybe becaue I'm married and he's engaged. We both know that this is wrong but the feelings/attraction is there and to me just goes to show that something is missing in both of our relationships. I do have a great sexual relationship with my husband but the fact of the matter is that most of the time when things are happening I'm not thinking of him at all. I know I'm just blabbering about everything, but my decision making really does have a lot to do with our financial situation and I'm not the type of person no matter how unhappy I am to leave him in that situation. We both put ourselves in it so it wouldn't be fair.

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 04 April 2013 19:44 posted by Guest

    Yeah we can't sell our house either. I will stay and try to pay mortgage myself, even tho it will be extremely hard to do. He has hooked up with an old high school flame after 45 years, imagine that. She knows he is still married, but she is divorced due to a cheating husband - well what does she think she is getting now? They are both skanks and deserve each other.

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 01 November 2012 07:44 posted by Guest

    If your ex has another woman: If your ex has another woman he will 1 have spent money lots! on her and 2 will walk out on the mortgage even if he can afford it! Address this ASAP in court. The housing market in Ca is a joke as is trying to communicate w/loan company. I lost a neautiful house I had worked twenty years to own because of my ex's need to destroy someone "he never loved". Talk about a mental case....

  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 01 November 2012 03:25 posted by Guest

    Financial question: When do we begin separating our finances? The day my husband first indicated he was done with marriage everyone advised me to immediately open my own account and reroute my paycheck. Do we wait until we have negotiated exactly how things will be divided?

  • Comment Link Dee Thursday, 25 October 2012 10:16 posted by Dee

    mortgage: Yeah that is all good advice except with the housing market like it is I dont think that. Sell your house and divide the profit" is as easy as you make it sound. Give some advice on what to do if the mortgage is upside down and the X can't qualify to get a loan without ME.