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When times are tough, there's nothing better than a trusty pick-me-up. No, I'm not talking about partaking in vino or vodka — though a glass of Chardonnay is always nice — but using the power of film to empower you.

I'm serious. By flicking on my DVD in my comfy PJs, I have been transported to exotic lands, met hunky men who made me forget the jerk du jour, solved mysteries, and laughed so hard that my tears dried up and poof, my problems were put on pause.

Instead of a shrink, my therapy has always been movies. Not only is it cheaper, but hey, laughter really is the best medicine.

Let's face it. Late night S.O.S. calls to friends can't be too frequent. But feel-good movies are reliable pals any time of day or night.

Putting on — ok, I admit it — Rush Hour and watching the madcap adventures of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker just cracks me up. My mood immediately improves.

Sometimes my movie cocktail is a doubleheader of any Harry Potter film — what can I say, I'm a kid at heart and believe in magic. On dateless Saturday nights when I felt sorry for myself, You've Got Mail sent the message that love was a click away. And it was. Soon after that film, I met my true love and married him.

Other friends have different films they rely on as their trusty pick-me-ups. I just love hearing which ones because my mind has so much piled into it that I forget some of the good ones — like Notting Hill. Loved that one.

With that in mind, FWW has devised a contest for you to share the movie that most helped you through the rocky days of your divorce before you found your happily ever after again. We want your list.

Maybe watching Sex and the City made you relish the treasures of true friendships and Manolo Blahniks. Perhaps Mama Mia reminded you that love could be just around the corner, while Legally Blonde led the way to making you feel that anything is possible with a little spunk and attitude. Whether Singin' in the Rain brought some sunshine back into your life, or a James Bond adventure made your days feel less shaken and stirred, we want to hear about it. Yes, even your guilty pleasures like Independence Day. (after all, isn't your divorce a day of independence?)

Entering the contest requires as little time as popping popcorn into the microwave:

1.  Log in to the First Wives Social Network (or join if you're not already a member)

2.  Click on the Contest Kara button on the left side of the "home" page.

3. Join Contest Kara's "Feel Good Film Sweepstakes" Group, and add a post telling her what your favorite feel-good movie is.

4.  Check back after November 11 to see if you're a winner. 

Winners could receive a six-month BLOCKBUSTER Total Access Plan. Whoopie! Plus these films make nifty accessories piled on a coffee table. 

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