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Does investing in mutual funds make sense? For busy women juggling divorce, jobs, children, and dating, the answer might be a resounding "yes".

Mutual funds have come a long way since 1924 when three Boston executives launched the first fund. Within a year, there were some 200 mutual funds. Now there are more than 140,000 funds worldwide, with assets exceeding $10 trillion U.S. dollars, according to fund tracking company Lipper.

The reason for this massive expansion is simple: Mutual funds give average investors the opportunity to invest in ways they otherwise couldn't. For example, typical investors often can't acquire shares of hot IPOs which are often available only on a very limited basis. But fund managers, with their many billions at the ready, frequently get first dibs on the hottest picks. 

Mutual funds help investors in other important ways too. Because funds are diversified, they spread risk across a spectrum of assets which minimizes risk to investors. After all, the chances of each investment in a fund ending simultaneously in failure is remote. 

Even so, investing in funds still means taking a chance. But one thing is absolutely certain: The sun will rise tomorrow (and the day after), and with each new day, inflation and higher living expenses will arrive. This means we need to lay seeds that might blossom into greater wealth for our future use. 

Bank savings accounts are safe, but they usually don't generate enough of a yield for us to acquire the wealth needed to get to the finish line. This means we have no choice but to enter the very complicated world of bulls and bears. 

Most of us have little time to track investments daily, or to speak frequently with brokers about buy and sell strategy. In the end, mutual funds are just a service; one that makes sense to those who need to rely on help from others.

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