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After a divorce, trying to re-establish your life has its drawbacks, but you must look toward the future and turn your life around. With life coming at you hard every day, what you need is a place to escape and relax, when you get home.

For most women, the bedroom is their place of peace. This is the room that reflects the personality, the inner-woman. Interior design can truly help reflect the attitude of the client. There are so many possibilities and choices within the realm of the interior design world. These choices can some times be difficult to decide upon on your own.

This is where the aid of a true design professional is beneficial. If your budget doesn't allow for the assistance of an interior designer for your entire project, another idea is to hire someone to help on a consultation basis. This is usually done on an hourly rate as apposed to a percentage based rate. 

After establishing your budget, whether modest or extravagant, the next step to focus on what style you want. This is where your true personality comes to the surface. This creative step is an exercise about looking within your self and asking questions.

With what style do I feel comfortable and expressive, contemporary, antique, traditional, Asian or modern? What colors makes me happy? Do I respond to warm or cool color? What type of bed, four poster, platform, upholstered headboard, do I want to sleep in at night? Are my sheets, as soft as they could be? What thread count feels the best on my skin? Do I want a bench at the end of the bed or a chair, seating area, or a favorite reading spot, where I can relax and plan my day?

None of these questions should be taken for granted. Each question you ask your self has a definite answer. It is up to you, ultimately with the guiding help of a trusted interior designer, to help you answer all these questions and more about what you truly want and need to be happy with in your new bedroom.

Once you have reasoned your way through the vast array of possibilities and made some solid choices, the fun begins. As I express to all my clients who worry about their design choices, and doubt themselves, "remember, this is supposed to be fun, don't stress your self out." This is where you can express your self and it should be a happy and joyful experience, one to look forward too and get excited about starting fresh. 

If you're an antique lover, decorating a bedroom is a way to display your collections and passions. Within the frame work of the antique style, there are several different variations, Victorian, country, mission-style, neoclassical, Asian, French, English, etc. Fussy Victorian can be very fun to live with, if it is handled the correct way. I like to mix antiques, of all periods with contemporary elements.

Depending on your choices the Victorian room can be a soft and romantic room or a darker, almost, library in feeling. For example a very heavily carved antique, mahogany bed with lovely elaborate bedding and a button tufted suite of furniture will look completely different depending upon the type of fabrics selected for the window treatments, bedding and furniture upholstery. The room can be changed by color choices most dramatically, as well as, rug or carpet selections. Each of these selections, play a very important role to the feeling and mood of the end result.

Contemporary styling is very clean lined, simple design idea that is popular with many clients. Some people feel peaceful and relaxed in this setting that is quite the opposite of Victorian styling, which is by design overly elaborate. Choosing a crisp, clean uncluttered design style like mid-century modern would give the feeling of order, as they say," every thing in its place."

Within this style idea there are again many variations. These ideas can inspire some one to create a spa like retreat in a color scheme of soft greens and beiges. Retreat-like spaces are very popular with many clients because in this hectic world it's nice to have some place to relax in at the end of a work day or on the weekends.

Color combinations for this vary from person to person but, they all tend to be more muted and grayed colors that sooth the nerves and soul. Asian accents are a natural, almost expected, element in this design style but, you could also use south western, Native American, Inuit or Indian antiques to compliment this look. The idea is to make the space reflect you and your personality. A good interior designer will listen to what you have to say and assist in the completion of your thoughts into a vision. This is a space you will feel at home.

Regardless of your style, remember be true to yourself and it always will reflect the real you. 

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