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I think it was the fabulous Bette Davis who said growing older is not for sissies. Well, it’s not for fashionistas who like their trends with a second-skin fit, either.

But now that Spanx has taken over our universe, even late night Ben & Jerry binges and pasta-crazed vacations in Italy don’t keep us from our pencil skirts and matte jersey DVF dresses.

There’s a real sense of communal joy when women talk about body-shapers now. Instead of embarrassed whispers of “do I look fat in this?” we’re whooping it up in the dressing rooms at Saks and Bloomies. We’re sharing our latest control-garments the way we used to trade info about gynecologists and colorists.

Of course it helps that the word “girdle” is never mentioned. I came late to the party, preferring teeny thongs and lacey demi-bras no matter what the outcome.

Then one day last May beneath my Dolce & Gabbana sheath was a little pooch I couldn’t deny.

Maybe Susan Sarandon or Kim Cattrall could have pulled it off, but I slipped on my first Spanx Hide & Sleek Full Slip ($72, pictured) and was reborn.

Are they sexy? Well, the slips and camis are, especially in black. But the panties and bodysuits are more empowering than sensual, so choose your poison and know when to wear what.

Recently I did a little investigative undercover work and found some new favorites. Try what I consider these five essential pieces and let me know what you think. All are available at department stores right now:

Yummie Tummy Hip Length Shapewear Tank ($62)

A perfect layering piece to sandwich between others and wear out over jeans; the flattening tummy panel is undetectable to the eye. Get it in chocolate and navy and no one’s the wiser.

Sassybax Torso Trim Camisole with Underwire ($75)

This ultimate back-fat / flabby midriff solution for bosomy shapes has industrial strength hold through the torso and requires no bra, so it’s amazing under sweaters and fitted shirts or blouses.

Spanx Hide & Sleek Slip-Suit ($84 )

This silky compression suit runs boobs to mid-thigh, and is the confidence booster you need under a sleek sheath dress or knits, or drop dead evening dress — don’t compromise, it sucks everything in and you can have dessert.

Commando Girl Short ($26)

These seamless microfiber undies, with laser-cut edges and no elastic or trim to add bulges or panty lines will break your thong addiction forever.

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