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The divorce resources listed below provide helpful information about a range of important topics, all provided by experts and other knowledgeable individuals. Topics include all things legal and financial, health and body, and more lighthearted content like makeup how-tos, music recommendations, and recipes.

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There's no sugarcoating that these economic times are tough and are creating the need to be resourceful with the money we have since our divorce. That’s why we want to be your source for reSOURCEful spending.

Our FWW financial experts know how to stretch a dollar like salt water taffy and how to devise money-saving tips that won't leave a saccharine aftertaste in your wallet. The sweet life can still exist, as long as you’re smart and nimble with insurance, stocks, cars, your work, your home and your life.

Below we have gathered the best "nougats" from our experts. They provide nudges, hints, and suggestions for actions you can take to put the power back into your hands — where it belongs. And it's written in ways that anyone can understand. While it’s not a cure-all, it may be the needed spoonful of sugar in the castor oil of recession.

1. Save Money Wisely. Yes, we know it’s easier said than done. But with a little creativity, you can trim your budget with a scalpel, not a hatchet. First, try out 10 Painless Financial Slimmers to cut out your financial fat with very little pain and lots of gain. Next, spend a weekend Winterizing Your Home — we promise it works, whether you’re in Walla Walla or Williamsburg. Last but not least, Turn Off Your Financial Leaks — you know, the little things like ATM fees, insurance deductibles, and hidden airline costs. If you know the right tips, you can make like Moses and stop the flow before your pocketbook is drained.

2. Give Your Credit Some Credit. Managing credit in this economic downturn is a challenge, especially if you're dealing with an ex's financial responsibilities. Wouldn't it be great if you got extra credit for everything you put up with, like unreliability, laziness, and the occasional or chronic lie? Many women find themselves in trouble after being blinded by love. But we want you to have 20/20 vision and see clearly. If you’re contemplating divorce, check out Don't Let Your Ex Ruin Your Credit to ensure you’re financially independent from an irresponsible spouse. And if it’s already too late? Well then When Your Ex Screws Up Your Credit has got you covered. Lastly, proceed to How Credit Counseling Works for options on turning things around, or Don’t Let Credit Card Companies Bamboozle You to make plastic your friend.

3. Don’t Drive Yourself Into Debt. OK. Your marriage crashed and burned and now you have to live on less, but you’re still the designated driver on the way to rebuilding your life. You just need transportation. If your budget has shrunk to the size of a VW Bug but you need the wheels, check What to Know Before Buying a Used Car. Often, it’s a far better investment than buying brand new. After sleeping on it, review How to Buy a Used Car to make sure you’re informed and knowledgeable. But to make sure you are protected financially and physically, also check out Auto Insurance — Vital Tips You Need to Know. Now rev it up and turn the key to a less bumpy road.

4. Get Some Professional Help. There’s no way to ignore rising unemployment rates, increased layoffs, and job (in)security. But being prepared and thinking ahead can open up your options. And remember, in every economy, there are always opportunities. You just have to use your power of choice wisely and get informed. So if you want some tips to Supersize Your Career, consider that there are at least 10 Jobs That Pay Women More Than Men. As a stay-at-home mom, do you feel that your options are as small as Calista Flockhart's waist? Well, don't waste precious time worrying when you can do something. Check out Tips to Restarting Your Career After a Divorce as well as Tips on Getting the Job You Want. With effort and focus, you can be the architect of a professional life that rewards you both financially and spiritually. And you know how the saying goes — success really is the best revenge.

5. Now along with buying groceries, carpooling, working, cooking and chatting with friends, make time to Check Back With Us Every Week. We will continue to sift through the mountains of data and deliver the best information on how to take care of your health, your kids, your house, your insurance, your life, and of course your divorce. So consider us your financial stress-busters. Let us take your hand and guide you to all the “gotta know” financial info you will need to manage your life, no matter what challenges you face.

6. Aside from our experts, you can always Ask The Community. It’s no longer taboo to discuss financial issues, since everyone seems to have them. The beauty of the Internet is the immediate access you have to a vast array of opinions and the ability to reach a large swathe of people in a short period of time. Oftentimes the best advice comes from word of mouth. Start a Discussion or a Group and hunker down with other people just like you.


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  • Comment Link Guest Thursday, 17 January 2013 15:14 posted by Guest

    My son: My son has never had a good job until this last year and he really didn't make great money $48,000 butr it whould get better. He works on the road maybe 5 months in Nuclear Plants and off the rest, wife decides she needs more attention and gets herself a boyfriend on one of my sons trips, he comes home devestated and she tells him that he can no longer live in the house (rented) they have a darling son together and the son adores his Daddy. My son put down $8,000 a 2 year ol Grand Cherokee last summer because that is what she wanted, he has a car that doesn't run half the time is a 97.... she now has the car and he makes the payments because she said he has to, now she has him paying half of all the utilites and the rent and he is living with us for he cannot afford an apartment or a car..... Patheltic... he is contesting the divorce, he was just served with the papers a few weeks ago, if he contests, does he have to pay her bills and support now or does he wait the 2 years and then that is set up.
    She also told him he will have to pay alimony although she works, but we did notice that she cut her days down drastically, she has worked full time for 5 years.
    I told my son that if he left say $200 in the account each month for their son needs, ( he is only 3 ) and if there are shoes he needs or any neccessity he will pay for that. Would this be acceptable.