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For years, society dictated how women should live their lives. So many times it governs our sense of right and wrong so strongly that our decisions aren't made out of any moral conviction but rather from the question, "What will my family and friends think?"

And this brings up the issue of age — the ages of the two people involved in a relationship. I'll focus on the younger man/older woman scenario because that's where the controversy still lies.

I was 60 when I had my first love affair! The man was fascinating, incredibly handsome and 11 years my junior. I was very self-conscious about the age difference in the beginning but since that time, I've been involved with men even younger.

I'm always interested in a man who is actively doing something no matter how old he is. I've known both sides of the equation and I'll share my conclusion: Age is just a number and we're all too caught up in numbers.

Take it from me, I had the first big romance of my life after 70!

Jeanette Longoria is author of Aphrodite and Me — Discovering Sensuality and Romance at Any Age.

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