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What can we learn from serial celebrity break-ups, billionaire bust-ups, misbehaving spouses, pants-on challenged politicos and the ever-shifting landscape of divorce law? Question is, "What CAN'T we learn"? With latte in hand and clicky finger at the ready, dive in for the best in divorce news, views, gossip, and buzz – assembled below for your reading pleasure.

There's a case going on in Rhode Island that illustrates the sheer stupidity of the whole argument about same-sex marriages.

Now, I know that this is a hot-button topic and for a lot of people opinions on it are fueled by moral and religious values. But this should be a matter of practicality: If two people love each other, let them get married, and if they decide they don't love each other anymore, let them get divorced.

If only it were that simple.

A gay couple that was married in Massachusetts — the only state that allows same-sex marriages — now lives in Rhode Island and wants to get divorced. The only problem is that since Rhode Island doesn't recognize same-sex marriages, the judge has asked the state Supreme Court to decide whether he's allowed to preside over their divorce proceedings.

Is it just me, or is this utterly ridiculous?

So, what are these two people supposed to do, move back to Massachusetts? Apparently folks in Rhode Island are so homophobic they're worried that just sorting out the details of this divorce would somehow compromise their staunch rejection of same-sex marriage. All it really does is make them look like narrow-minded bigots. Just let these two ladies divorce, please. All you really have to do is treat them like human beings. Is that so hard?

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