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What can we learn from serial celebrity break-ups, billionaire bust-ups, misbehaving spouses, pants-on challenged politicos and the ever-shifting landscape of divorce law? Question is, "What CAN'T we learn"? With latte in hand and clicky finger at the ready, dive in for the best in divorce news, views, gossip, and buzz – assembled below for your reading pleasure.

I always knew why Tea Leoni was wearing dark glasses at school pick-ups. Dark glasses become a protective shield against prying eyes. It's one thing if your husband has sexual problems at home, but when David Duchovny's sex addiction became blaring headlines this summer, it takes the embarrassment to a whole new level.

Now, a week after he checked out of the Arizona facility, the couple released a statement to People magazine that they are kaput, their 11-year marriage is over. The X-Files actor now is an ex.

Obviously the sexual addiction problem didn’t happen last summer. Like an illness, it developed over time with malevolent signs surfacing slowly but surely.

Like many people, Leoni threw herself into work. But one can still be in a vulnerable state. Turns out that while shooting the movie Manure earlier this year, rumor has it that she hit it off with co-star Billy Bob Thornton — yes, the cad who ditched Laura Dern without telling her, broke Angelina Jolie’s heart, and has been linked with a conga line of lovely ladies who he loves and leaves.

Some reports in tabloids such as The Daily Mail say that it wasn’t Duchovny’s addiction that caused the split, but Leoni’s alleged affair with Billy Bob Thornton. Duchovny’s reportedly decided to end the marriage when he “discovered raunchy and sexually loaded messages on her mobile phone.”

Oh boy.  All so tawdry.

Infidelity can be defined many ways. Some guys think online porn isn’t cheating, while some wives think it is. Doing the horizontal hula, however unclothed, is clearly cheating. Whatever the reasons for the split, it is a sad time for their family.

The couple, who were married in 1997, have two children together — 9-year-old daughter Madelaine and 6-year-old son Kyd.

I remember interviewing Tea Leoni when the glow of love was like a halo around her strawberry blonde head. She was beaming. When I asked her if she thought this marriage would endure, she delightfully said, “My parents have been married forever, almost 50 years. I plan to be too." 

Lessons learned is that life takes different twists and turns.

However, by breaking up, they are also simultaneously rebuilding a new family structure post-divorce that still allows a lot of love and joy after an initial bumpy ride. Hopefully they will both take the high road to reach that point.

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