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What can we learn from serial celebrity break-ups, billionaire bust-ups, misbehaving spouses, pants-on challenged politicos and the ever-shifting landscape of divorce law? Question is, "What CAN'T we learn"? With latte in hand and clicky finger at the ready, dive in for the best in divorce news, views, gossip, and buzz – assembled below for your reading pleasure.

Warren Buffett, the world's richest man, admits he made a poor choice. No, not that he didn't invest more in Google than Microsoft, but that he didn't work harder on his relationship with his late wife, Susie, the mother of his three children.

"The biggest mistake I ever made was letting her walk out the door," he says.

As with many separations, Susie was driven to it.

Buffett, 78, who spent hours and hours talking with the author Alice Schroeder for the book The Snowball, regrets that he gave Susie so many reasons to leave, say Rush & Molloy in The Daily News.

One was Katharine Graham, publisher of The Washington Post, and Newsweek. Buffett was 46 when Graham, then a 59-year-old widow, became smitten with him. They spent time at her Martha’s Vineyard home and traveled widely.

What is surprising is that Graham's own marriage was ruined by her husband’s infidelity. And who knew before this book that Katharine Graham was one of the early cougars? (While we at FWW approve of dating someone who's fabulously younger and cute, it is verboten to date a married man no matter what his age.)

Graham, it turns out, was pretty open about the affair with Buffett, and was seen tossing her house key to Buffet at parties. Schroeder writes that Susie "made it plain to several friends that she was furious and humiliated," but reports that she sent Graham a letter granting her permission to date her husband.

"Kay showed the letter to people as though it let her off the hook," Schroeder says.

Naturally the humiliation at home marinated into resentment.

When Buffett was at home in Omaha, the book says, he spent most of his time in his study and didn't make enough effort with Susie. Telling one of her friends he was an "iceberg," Susie began a romance with her tennis coach, John McCabe. Then, in 1977, after falling in love with the arts scene in San Francisco, she informed her husband that she was buying a small apartment there.

McCabe followed.

But Susie, like many wives, still cared about her husband. (A recent example of that, how Shanna Moakler rushed to her ex’s, Travis Barker’s, side after his plane crash.)

And so she arranged for an attractive blond, Astrid Menks, to work as his housekeeper.

Menks eventually moved in with Buffett, even though he and Susie never divorced. After Susie’s death in 2004, he married Menks.

Buffett tells Schroeder that Susie's departure "was preventable.”

“It was definitely 95% my fault. ... I just wasn't attuned enough to her, and she'd always been perfectly attuned to me. She kept me together for a lot of years ... It shouldn't have happened."

There is a part of me that just wants to shake guys like a pair of dice. They just don't realize how good they have it until the wife is gone and the trust is shattered. They roll the dice and, surprise, the next one isn't as good.

One time I interviewed Raoul Felder, the famous New York divorce attorney. I asked him how the second wife compared with the first. "In the beginning, the guys are excited to be with the new girlfriend-wannabe new wife," he said. "But then after about six months, they start to miss what they had before. But often the damage is already done."

Buffett not remarrying until after Susie died was an unspoken compliment to his wife. She would be his wife always — even if he couldn't have her.

Here’s a lesson, guys: Work on appreciating what you have, because emotional riches are often far more valuable and precious than financial ones.

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  • Comment Link shawn chad Wednesday, 22 April 2015 00:20 posted by shawn chad

    Please respectfully note that I 100% agree with Honorable Warren Buffett's integrity, courage and honest words of wisdom. As a homeless and raised by a single, unemployed mother following my father's heart attack at an age 39 as a construction worker for 26 pennies per hour. With me at an age of 3 years, I was/am a person from far away Island but an American. As such a very proud American. I too fell in love with my wife almost 40 years ago. Life was not easy as we both were in school as teenagers and with 3 innocent babies. My wife was in pure mad love with me and so was me. Like me she had extremely difficult life nor worked was homeless. Therefore, in order to put even minimum milk, diapers, roof: I sacrificed and let go of my education dreams to continue at the university level to become an Attorney. This as we come from the very poorest of the foreign lands, we live on less but strive to work extremely hard. Moreover extremely proud, even if it mean't that the father/husband so provider must work 7 days per week and 365 days a year and 16 - 20 hr days. Yes many 24 hour days while building business in the Auto Industry Repairs despite still being able to eat some days to say sincerely. To ensure that my wife, children, ailing single mother may have a better life then or after my death. I sacrificed, suffered, slaved, weeped-in-silence but kept on going and going. This as I got all my strength and motivation because I had a vision (thankfully from the Lord and Our Dearest Father in Heaven) as well as my immediate families vision was in my very heart and soul! We went from empty feet and stomach and became millionaire's vitually through hard gruelling times. However the marriage recently ended as did all the money, business, lands, million dollar mansion etc. All because Ioved my wife and wanted for our children to have both parents and, hence drove her away forever. Finally the last but not the least, please note again ladies and gentlemen respectively that while we all must work hard to survive: Let's say thank you to Honorable Buffett's true words from the heart because nothing on earth is more vital than our loved ones. My heart and soul and those of my children remain shattered forever, including my wife who also is struggling and studying to move on thus rebuild life and survive. Sincere Blessings!