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What can we learn from serial celebrity break-ups, billionaire bust-ups, misbehaving spouses, pants-on challenged politicos and the ever-shifting landscape of divorce law? Question is, "What CAN'T we learn"? With latte in hand and clicky finger at the ready, dive in for the best in divorce news, views, gossip, and buzz – assembled below for your reading pleasure.

This isn't a trick but a treat. Seems like Tea Leoni and David Duchnovy, who announced their separation in October, were able to put their marital battles aside and take their kids Madeleine and Kyd trick-or-treating on Halloween. Today Page Six in The New York Post quoted a source who said, "They were very cute and were holding hands."

The source said Leoni "looked very mellow and relaxed" while chatting with friends with their kids.

It's easy to understand why she may have been stressed this summer after Duchnovy was treated for sex addiction. That is awfully embarrassing for any family especially when it's also very public.

However, people can surrender their egos and hurts for the greater good.

Kids are often the connective tissue that reminds parents how much they share. It is that family time – especially holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas — that is often missed after a divorce. However as a friend once told me, "I loved spending holidays with my ex — just not any other day."

Either way, whether they stay together or separate, one can break up and still rebuild a new family structure where happy times are shared, just not 24/7.



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