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Do You Think Cheaters And The OW Foresee The Devastating Consequences Of Their Actions? 19
Did Your Ex / STBX Try To Rewrite History? 20
When Do You Start To Feel Normal Again Post Divorce? 10
Will The Greater Regret Come From Going Through With The Divorce Or Not Going Through With It? 9
How Would You Respond If The STBX Came To You For Emotional Support? 10
Did Your Divorce Cause You To Gain Or Lose Weight? 15
What Do You Miss More Since Your Divorce/Separation? 17
Do You Give A Cheater A Second Chance? 6
Did Alcoholism Play A Part In Your Divorce? 11
Does The Thought Of Being Alone Terrify You? 14
Can Narcissistic Men Ever Change Their Colors? 32
Which Is Worse: The Pain Of MIssing Him, Or The Pain He Causes Me? 15
When Does The Fog From Divorce Lift? 21
Narcissist Husband: Can The Woman He's Having An Affair With Make Him A Better Person? 16
Did You Tell Your Friends/Neighbors That Your Ex/STBX Had An Affair? 17
Is It Really Worth It To have An Attorney? 13
What Helped You The Most To Get Through Your Divorce? 15
Do You Believe There Is Only One Prince Charming For Every Heroine In The World? 17
Did You Ex Husband Try To Hide Assets From You During Divorce? 32
How Long Is The Timeframe For Healing From Divorce? 36
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