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Has anyone ever confronted the other woman? 80
Are We Always Going To Feel Slightly Broken (Unable To Trust) Because Of Our Divorce? 48
Do You Feel You Need To Forgive His Actions In Order To Move On? 38
For Those Of You That Asked For The Divorce; Did You Feel Guilty For Asking? 28
Is It Possible To Get Through Divorce Without The Messiness Of Anger? 28
How Should You Tell Your Husband You Know About His Affair? 15
What Would You Do If You Ran Into The Other Woman? 30
Can Mediation Result In Reconciliation? 10
If You Could Warn Somebody About Your Ex, Would You? 44
Is It Best To Wait Until The Divorce Is Final To Start Dating Again? 23
Do Men Ever Give Us A Second Thought After Such A Long Marriage? 81
Do Men Ever Change? And Is Change (Good Change) Real And Permanent? 14
Do You Struggle With Being Jealous Of The STBX's Life? 24
Are There Any Men Out There Who Believe In Being Committed To One Woman? 19
Does The Idea Of The OW Parenting Your Child Drive You Crazy? 18
Anyone Else Find The Term STBX Insulting? 11
Have You Ever Considered Having Sex With The Ex? 17
Was Moving Out Of The Marital Home Emotionally Harder Than The Actual Divorce? 16
Can You Remain Friends With The Ex? 25
Do Cheating Men Grieve? 20
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