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Karin Abarbanel

Karin is an entrepreneur, author and speaker on career issues facing women. She has a warm, can-do speaking style and a passion for helping women realize their dreams. A small-business owner herself, she started her own communications firm in the 1990s because she craved a more independent work life and wanted to spend time with her son.

She loves the flexibility her business gives her and champions this choice for other women. As an expert on start-up strategy, she knows firsthand the demands involved and wants to arm women emotionally for the ups and downs they'll face during their launch.

Karin was selected by The Avon Corporation as spokeswoman for its "Corporation to Cottage" program. She has appeared on broadcast/cable TV and radio as a guest expert and has been featured on ABC TV's "Good Morning America," CNBC, and WCBS, among others.

Karin speaks widely on women's issues and has appeared at forums including AWED's Women in Business Conference, Women Inc., the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), Equitable Life, and Columbia University.

In addition to co-authoring Birthing the Elephant, Karin has published four other how-to guides, including How to Succeed on Your Own (Henry Holt) and The Dollar Bill Knows No Sex (McGraw-Hill) — the "rags-to-riches" story of a female entrepreneur who beat enormous odds.

As a marketing consultant, Karin's blue-chip clientele includes Accenture, the Boston Consulting Group, Chase, and Morgan Stanley. Prior to launching, Karin was a senior marketing director for Booz Allen Hamilton, the global management consulting firm.

Karin received her MA from Columbia University and a BA from Middlebury College. She lives in Montclair New Jersey with her husband, son and her nonvirtual assistant, Dr. Watson — a sheepdog-shepherd mix who holds a PhD. in Snackology.

Karin Abarbanel

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