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Deborah Moskovitch

Deborah Moskovitch
The Smart Divorce
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Deborah Moskovitch is the creator and facilitator of The Smart Divorce®. The Smart Divorce includes a consulting service, workshops and the bestselling book: The Smart Divorce: Proven Strategies and Valuable Advice from 100 Top Divorce Lawyers, Financial Advisers, Counselors and Other Experts.

Using her personal experience throughout divorce, as well as insights that she has gathered from leading divorce lawyers, therapists, parenting experts and financial gurus across North America, she has become a divorce expert and educator in helping people be smart about the divorce process and moving on to a better life post-divorce.

Deborah is an opinion leader in the media as she is often called on to comment on events surrounding divorce. She regularly shares her insights and research on television and radio to explain that divorce can be managed in smarter ways to minimize the grief and financial hardships people often experience. 

Deborah also speaks regularly about the importance of the emotional healing post-divorce.  And, she is a regular contributor to More magazine’s online edition. More magazine is a national publication celebrating women over 40.  She is on the Board of Directors of AFCC Ontario, an international association of professionals dedicated to improving the lives of children and families through the resolution of family conflict.

Her goal is to help people manage the divorce process in a healthier, less-painful way and move on to create a better life post-divorce.

Deborah Moskovitch

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