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Deborah Mecklinger

Deborah L. Mecklinger, LL.B., M.S.W, A.T.C - Divorce Coaching, Mediation and Counseling

Deborah Mecklinger is a Professional Coach as well as an accomplished Lawyer and Master of Social Work. Her extensive professional and personal achievements have fueled her passion and commitment to coach others to achieve and realize their goals. Deborah walks the talk!

In addition, Deborah is an experienced Mediator and Therapist with a successful private practice in Toronto. She is well known for her exceptional work in the areas of divorce, mediation, conflict resolution, and individual, couple and family therapy. She has worked as a Coach, Mediator and Therapist at the Family Mediation & Conciliation Program in South Florida and as a Mediator and Trainer with CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado.

Deborah has taught mediation at the University of Toronto and at Seneca College. As well, she was the Human Resource Manager at Toronto’s Sutton Place Hotel. Deborah has attended The Adler School of Professional Coaching, University of Toronto Graduate School, Osgoode Hall Law School and Oxford University.

Her unique professional skills, multi-disciplined experience and dynamic, energetic personality provide a rare combination of talent often in demand. Deborah is a frequent guest on radio and television programs and is regularly quoted in the media.

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Deborah Mecklinger

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