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My ex-husband has warned me enough times that he will be taking me to court vying for sole legal and/or physical custody of our children. I'd prefer to not think about him, but the reality is in the event I have to return to court, I must be prepared.

My issue is what do I need to have in order to really be prepared? My attorney told me that the courts generally need to see a track record of bad behavior to be convinced that there is a problem. But what behavior do I track? How do I track it? What else will I need when Battle Round #2 comes?

Below is my course of action. This is my war chest. If anyone can recommend additional steps, please let me know. This way, when I'm served with court papers, I won't feel overwhelmed. I'll feel prepared. 

1. Use a secure online storage system such as iCloud, Google Drive, or DropBox. I chose one of these free systems and it is working well. It's nice to be able to save things to them from my phone, work, or home computer. And, it's nice that I'll be able to simply allow my attorney access to the files when the time comes (instead of e-mailing everything to her paralegal in chunks). It's also nice to have everything in one spot. When in a pinch, I can access any document I need as long as I have a computer.

2. Create the following folders:

- Child Support (payment receipts, violations, Case ID number, scans of any documents from the automatic child support center, etc.).

- Divorce Decree (scan of the decree and any amendments).

- Court Hearings (any motions go here; date of the hearings is first, then the topic, such as "8-5-2016_modify holiday schedule").

- Bad Behavior - include the following subfolders:

- Parental Alienation (save any e-mails, texts, etc. that demonstrate this; create a Word document and detail incidents if needed).

- Harassment/Bullying.

- Violations (I take screen shots of Facebook or Instagram postings, if needed).

- Parental Interference (any times when he denies or interferes with my custody time, including not allowing phone calls, refusing to return the children at designated times or days, etc.).

- Medical

- Bills and receipts

- Important documents

 - Activities

- Bills and receipts 

- Important documents

- Legal

- Bills and receipts 

- General Resources (articles, similar court case results)

- Contact Information / Forms

- Word file with contact information for him, attorney, doctors, police, babysitters, therapist, etc.

- Copy of my license plate (in case of emergency) 

- Kid identification photos 

3. I also have a children-items only calendar book and document incidents there. I use this specific calendar for child doctor appointments, activities, etc. I document who attended the appointments and events, if I was denied phone calls, things the kids tell me (such as their trip out of state that Ex didn't tell me about, which violates the divorce decree), etc. 

4. And of course, we use Our Family Wizard to communicate. But I print out the messages as a PDF and save them to the appropriate folder above as we go along. This way I'm not weeding through all of the incriminating messages at the last minute.

When I get served, I'll have so much documented, and I'll be so organized, that I shouldn't feel out of sorts. But for those of you who have been to court to either request or defend yourself regarding custody, what else should I be documenting?

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