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“God never takes away something from your life without replacing it with something better.”― Billy Graham 

I hope it becomes true soon.  I have already a much better man than I did before.  He might not be as rich or as career obsessed but perhaps that is what makes him WONDERFUL!)  My relationship with my child is better than ever, I don´t work so I have plenty of time to be a perfect mom even when we are not as buoyant economically as we once were.  My child has learned to give value to stuff and to appreciate people for what they are, not for what they have.  

Also, my family back home has learned to live without my economic support and rather has offered to help me!  I am so blessed with health and without depressions that I wonder how I could have survived so happily all these months without anti-depressants.  I am sure that it has been God!  He has really taken from me an empty luxurious life for a real life full of love.  Of course, sometimes I feel just so down like now, but at those times I must believe that God has something better for me.  

Nevertheless, I get inspired from so many of ladies here that want to go ahead and start over. I am not sure. I got so to say it, 25 years ahead of real productive life, work wise.  I hope I find something soon where I can be of help and where I can assure my life ahead... I hope I can help relatives back home soon.  I hope I can teach my kid life is full of good surprises, but over all I hope it is true, something GOOD has to come out of all this.  God bless!


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