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I have decided that my marriage was a public service.  As long as I was married to the Ex, it kept him out of the general populous and prevented him from bothering other people.  I wonder if I can get a tax receipt or reimbursement for my service?  LOL! 

I’m now coming into my second Christmas without the Ex and I'm so much happier without him around.  He was a dark cloud obscuring my sunny disposition.  I laugh more, smile more, talk more and just enjoy life so much more.  I realize I like who I am without him, and that I had missed “me” throughout my marriage. 

Everyone tells me how different I am, how friendly and happy I am now.  New friends can't imagine me any other way.  I had to laugh, one new friend who has to deal with Ex because of where she works, told me today that she thought he was "such a creeper", meaning he's creepy and she doesn't like how he hangs around. 

Then she told me I was a trooper for putting up with him for so long.  Here's hoping next year brings more happiness and whatever else the future has in store for me, and all of us.Hugs to all.


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