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Just when you think you've figured everything out about your ex, his narcissism and your marriage, another revelation strikes while you're driving peacefully in your car trying to figure out how you're going to handle all you've got going on.

Light Bulb Moments When Recovering From Divorce

It hit me today that my calendar is more full now than it ever was while I was married, and it's because most of the things "we" did that were fun included other people. We seldom just had fun by ourselves. Maybe in the beginning we did things, just the two of us, but certainly not in recent memory. 

Even though I'm sitting at home on a Friday night, my week was full with lots of activity and the next three weeks are busy, and I'm loving my well-deserved freedom to put myself first. You don't realize how much of yourself you lose when you're busy trying to make a marriage work all by yourself, or when you're busy accommodating, covering up, or pretending things are okay when deep down you know you're miserable. And over time, that becomes your normal.

I Was Lucky I Didn't Lose My Self-Esteem; I Just Lost My Way

So today's light bulb moment proved I was right; I'm happy, I'm busy, and I'm exactly where I need to be.  For all of you who aren't as far along on this divorce journey, be patient with yourself - you'll get where you need to be too.  It's not a straight road and it has detours, stop signs, and a few yields along the way, but it's passable and you'll navigate it using your internal GPS and hopefully find the destination is better than you imagined.


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