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If I had a crystal ball when I was making the decision to leave my husband years ago and saw the after effects of it, the actions I was going to make, moving quickly into another relationship, the children’s behavior - I most likely would have waited until the children were older before I left. Therefore, moving into another relationship so quickly after leaving would not have happened.

It has been one trial after another for far too long since I left my husband and it has been slowly diminishing my spirit not realizing until now that I’m now experiencing the depression and anxiety that I should have experienced when it first happened. The rebound relationship I was in after the divorce I know now was a distraction. Even though I loved the person at the time, it was a connection to another person that kept me from having to experience the full extent of the emotional pain of the divorce.

It was a misguided attempt to move on with my life and my heart ended up broken a second time from another failed relationship. I was so distracted through the divorce proceedings; finding a new home for my mother, children and new partner, getting my finances in order, and leaving as fast as I could thinking the faster I left the faster I could move on with my new life. I’ve learned even though most marriages are "broken" long before the time of the divorce, there is still the companionship of having the physical presence of your partner that’s needed.

Experiencing it myself - I believe that is a big reason why rebound relationships happen. Probably one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made not only because of the heartbreak at the end of that relationship, the financial burden that was created after, but the delay of facing the realization of a loss of a family... (continue reading)


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