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After joining FWW a few months ago, my focus was to find like-minded, similar-experienced women going through that horrible gauntlet of divorce.  There is comfort to know that you are not alone in what amounts to probably be the most traumatic and life-changing event in your life.  And I am thankful everyday to have found the safe haven environment here.

What has come, as an unexpected surprise is the courage that I have found from the voices here on this website.  Everyone has come forward in a spirit of unity and sharing of any knowledge, feeling, advice that they can bring to the table.  That is incredibly rare.

Additionally, from my association with the fine women of this website, I too have found the courage to do what needs to be done and face adversity head on.  I know from the bottom of my heart that without the support I saw here of total strangers reaching out to help those who needed it - whether it was a kind word, a nudge of encouragement or a balls out "fight it - you are right"" posting to those losing faith in those dark hours of doubt, (and I am one of those lucky recipients) that without you, all of you, none of these wonderful and may I say it; miraculous things would not be occurring.

I don't want to sound too gushy or turn people off.  But I do believe that people NEED to know that they do make a difference.  It is our ultimate purpose in life (or so I believe). So to all you women out there who make a difference (far more than you probably will ever know) please know that it all counts; every last sentence, every last thought, every last passing random comment.

All too gushy now...


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