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Things have, I believe, gotten significantly better in the last several weeks to a month.  Life is on the up swing and I am feeling so grounded in faith, hope and peace.  Life does go on but you definitely have to grieve the process.  I believe that when we hurt - God hurts too.  He loves us so much and just tells us to have faith in him because he will get us thru this hurt and pain. 

However sometimes you don't see the forest for the trees.   There is so much pain that you can't see a brighter future, but I promise and the Lord promises that it will come in time.  I have learned during all this that there are NO coincidences - everything happens for a reason and although GOD does not approve of divorce sometimes we have to be pruned of the branches that are either holding us back and/or just not producing the right kind of fruit. 

I am growing each and everyday in my faith that in the end GOD will take care of me and replace what was taken from me with my ex husband.  I will continue in my walk with him and continue believing in his promises.   If I could give 1 bit of advice thru all of this that I have learned and want everyone to know is - You have to have faith that GOD will take care of you in your hour of need. 

I have turned my son over to the Lord because I cannot fix it and have decided to stop trying.  He will take care of it.


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