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So my sister and I had a discussion and came to a standoff over the question of what to call the ex mother-in-law. 

My opinion was — I had a close relationship with her. She was my acting mom through a lot of stuff as my mother had mental problems and was not there for me. She was very mad at her son and felt he had done me wrong. Since we were close and my daughter was 4 at the time, I still called her mom. Later as we grew apart and my daughter was into her teens and was not close to her, I then referred to her as my ex mother-in-law or by her name if I didn't feel like explaining.

My sister’s opinion was friendly, but never that close to her ex mother-in-law. She and he remarried. Used to call her mother-in-law then ex mother-in-law.

So what do you think? I told her I would get opinions.

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