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I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. But most of all I want to thank my sisters here at FWW. I discovered you on the second or third day after I was discarded and the warmth, love, cyber hugs, wisdom, encouragement and support I received here, is still so wonderfully overwhelming.

You tought me about Gray Rock, No Contact & you saved my life.

I immediately learned about gray-rock, limited contact and then no contact and it guided me through negotiations until I made it to my new apartment recently. If I thanked you 20 times a day for the rest of my life, it would never be enough to display my deep gratitude for your help.

My dog and I are safe now - safe from all verbal abuse; safe from being berated and harassed and hurt and being made to feel like I was even lower than dirt.

This is my first narc-free Thanksgiving.

I'm still sorting out lots of emotions and I'm sure everyone feels like this - the longer you are away from them, the more you realize how horrid the relationship really was and how poorly you were treated over and over and over again.

Someone told me the other day that 'I am a breath of fresh air in my building'. I laugh and smile and I'm kind to everyone, but I often wonder what they would think if they knew I just got out of a very long abusive relationship, and sometimes don't even make it to the elevator before tears are forming.

I'm healing and my tears are less intense.

But as I'm sure you can all relate to how they catch you off guard. Like a memory will surface out of nowhere - or you see something that reminds you of them - and sure enough my eyes fill up. But mostly I cry in sadness that I was ever subjected to such craziness. I - like everyone here - never ever deserved this, when we only wanted to love.

So today I give thanks for everyone here and the courage and strength you showed me. I also give thanks that I am out of an abusive relationship and I am starting to heal.

Thank you, my friends, thank you. May we all heal in our own time and learn to celebrate our true worth. WE ROCK!

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