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Why is it so easy to make friends with women and it’s so difficult to find a man to be in a relationship with?  Am I pickier when it comes to men?  When my ex left for greener pastures, I moved to a new city to be near my adult children and because I wanted a fresh start.  I've made a lot of friends in the five years I've been here and can be as busy as I want to be after making an effort to find women who share similar interests.  Age isn't a factor with women. I can hang with those much younger as well as those who are my age or older. But the men I've met and dated are a different story, and at this point, I'm not sure I understand their story or even want to understand it.  They say they like my independence, then turn around and say I don't have enough time for them.

Well, which is it?  They say they're active, and then list their ailments and limitations and I find their idea of being active is fishing. Since when does sitting holding a pole qualify as being active?  I don't expect perfection. I'm certainly not perfect, and I know compromise is always needed.  There are, however, a few things I'm not willing to do without, like a sense of humor, or a non-smoker. I want honesty, and someone who enjoys life.  Is that too much to ask for?  Am I too picky?  Is it because men over 60 are "older" than women the same age?  I don't need a man in my life but I'd like having a good man in my life.   My ex was not the man he claimed to be. So am I just afraid of being lied to?   I was married only once, for 40 years so maybe it's too late for me, but I hope not.

 I'm happy with my life as it is. Laughter, family and friends are an important part of it, and a good guy could be the icing on the cake.

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  • Comment Link Big Mama Thursday, 25 May 2017 15:46 posted by Big Mama

    All I seem to run into are childish, ridiculous men who want to mansplain everything to. I was even dating a guy who, when I was nearly hospitalized for pain and something random going on with my insides - GOOGLED MY SYMPTOMS. Well then he mansplained to me that I didn't have kidney stones as the doctor said, rather that I had given him Chlamydia and was therefore a slut. He began telling everyone he could I had given him an STD. He iced the cake by then telling me I was too sensitive and should get over it, after all he had moved on from the "misunderstanding" - why couldn't I? Looking back I also believe he was drugging me when I was at his house, and then giving me a bunch of grief for "passing out all the time".

    Well it was so GD close to my freshly ex-husband and his torrent of abuse I ran, and ran fast. He tried for at least 4 months to contact me via phone, email and text. I did not answer. I know this type. The problem is obviously me, because I just keep meeting the same man over and over again. Needless to say this experience taught me I am not yet ready to date and need to get some more therapy before trying again.

  • Comment Link Lynn Saturday, 16 July 2016 03:21 posted by Lynn

    I agree with you... It is so hard to meet a man.
    I'm to Picky and that is a good thing, The way
    things re today. After a bad marriage it makes
    You a little scared you don't know who to
    Believe, Especially when your ex was lying
    to you for years. I have found that men in their
    60s seem to want Women 10 to 20 years younger
    then them. So yes it's hard to find someone
    but Mr Right is out their. Keep the faith.