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I am new to this website and have been reading your posts for the last few months. The posts have been very helpful. It is nice to know that I am not alone in all this. I was married to a narc for so many years and have several children. I didn’t even know he was a narc until after the divorce and someone suggested I look into narcissism.  My eyes were opened. I have spent the last year or so researching this disorder and it has really helped me understand what has happened to me.  I am currently looking for a counselor to help me deal with the abuse, but until then I need support from ladies like you who deal with the same issues I have. But I am currently dealing with immense anger. I have been reading all the suggestions that have been posted and try these things but the anger is still looming there and won't go away.  I am hoping the counselor will be of some help.  The anger is eating me up … (continue reading)

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