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Do you know what a Narcissist Sociopath is? Some of the characteristics that would describe it are: masters on manipulation, abuse, compulsive lying, arrogance, disregard on the feelings of others, constant envy, paranoia, lack of remorse or guilt, lack of empathy, poor behavioral controls, irresponsibility, impulsivity, unpredictable behavior and lack of integrity. In fewer words, they are egotistical and just plain terrible human beings. Be careful with them, I am in the process of divorcing one and the emotional wounds that they can cause are very deep.

It turns out that I was married with one of the unstable ones you see on TV and suspense thrillers, with one of the ones that are emotional abusers, serial cheaters, “gaslighters”, drug addicts and many other (illegal) things. I am making this statement public so you are aware that this exist, and that if it happened to me it can happen to you, it can happen to your daughter, son, best friend or some one you love, my story with him started as a fairy tale and ended as a nightmare. Life has not been in easy. While there are amazing people in the world there are also the ones that are sick and evil.

There were plenty of red flags but I didn’t see them because I didn’t know there were the traits of a Sociopath. When something doesn’t look / feel right please follow your gut and do some research about it. He was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Antisocial Disorder (sociopath) and Bi-polar disorder, the perfect atomic bomb and a great explanation of his behavior. A while ago (before the diagnosis) when I asked why he hurt me he justified himself saying that I only made him happy 99% of the time. 

PLEASE keep in mind that things like this can happen (specially to highly empathic people), no one is exempt from it. One day this will be a story of the pass and I have decided that I will spend the rest of my life creating consciousness about it to hopefully avoid others to get hurt. I know I will be fine and if you are going through something similar please know that you will be fine too.

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    Yup! Exactly!