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I don't understand how love can be like a light switch.  How does someone just stop loving someone?  Even if the love is gone, where is the compassion for someone that was so good to you for so many years?  Why is he living in luxury with her and I am here to pick up the pieces and mess, literally and emotionally?  So very many questions for the STBX, but the only response that I get is "I'm not going to discuss that with you!" or "this is a concern to me!"  Why do I still care?  Why can't I find a way to just go on?  I have so many days now that I wish that he had just killed me in my sleep, it would have been much kinder than what I continue to go thru!  Today is one of those days.  I guess that I was hoping that there was still a bit of the wonderful man that I was married to for so very many years … (continue reading)

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