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Recently I have been feeling more acceptance with the fact that I will be getting divorced in the next couple of months or so. I have bad days, or bad moments in the day but mostly I am functioning and focusing on me, but today I was ordering things online and was filling out the shipping address, putting my names and my title in when it hit me.

I loved hearing my new name when I first got married, but I am not going to be a Mrs. anymore. I don't have kids so it is silly to keep my married last name as well. This is not a huge deal but it really makes me sad, and scares me to think about how horrible I am going to feel to actually sign those dreaded papers or pack up all my things deciding who gets what.

Is there any advise on how to make the "real" parts of divorce easier on some level? Why does my heart have to be destroyed in all of this before I can heal?

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