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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become an FWW private community member or get the Lifeworks support services?

At the top the page you will see the words “join now” in blue. Just click and you will be taken to our register page. To become a member of our private community or to purchase a Lifeworks membership, simply fill out the appropriate fields and you’ll be on your way! It is free to join our private community, and joining the community does not require purchasing a Lifeworks support membership. Should you want or need additional practical support, the Lifeworks support services have been uniquely designed to empower you through divorce and any life challenge. (Lifeworks is launching soon, so be sure to check back!)


When I register, will my information be given to spammers and other third parties?

No way. No how. Your privacy is important to us. We have taken specific actions to ensure your information is safe and stays safe and we encourage you to read our privacy policy addressing this issue.


Are the Lifeworks support services available outside the United States?

Currently, the Lifeworks support services are ONLY available in the United States, but eventually our goal is broaden them to the United Kingdom and Canada. The FWW private community is available to everyone, everywhere throughout the world.


Can anyone (men or women) join the First Wives World community or get the Lifeworks support services?

Our Lifeworks services are absolutely available to both men and women.

While our most active community members mostly consist of women, we have had a number of men join our community, and as long as they were respectful they have been welcomed by our existing members to blog and gain insight and support.  


Privacy & Anonymity: Is The Content I Post On The Private Community Section Of The Site Seen By The Search Engines?

No, the private side of our site is cut off to the search engines. First Wives World is made up of two key sections: the public side (blue), and the private community side (magenta). All content on the public side is seen by the search engines, and the private community side is cut off entirely to the search engines. Samplings of the community content does anonymously show up on public side of the site, but these samplings are never associated with any particular user and edited for privacy.


How Do Professionals Become A Part Of First Wives World?

If you are a professional and would like to become a part of First Wives World, you can join our professional service directory by clicking here. Please note that our members consider the private community side of the site (magenta) a sacred place for them to find genuine support and positive reinforcement from other like-minded women. Our members prefer to keep the private community free of professionals pushing their products or services, and our site concierge, Hockney, strives to monitor and preserve this request. If you are a professional and would like to start a blog on the public side of our site, contribute resourceful content or be featured in our newsletter, please click here.


How do I advertise on First Wives World?

First, please review our advertising philosophy. After reviewing, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.


How do I cancel my FWW community account and my Lifeworks membership?

To cancel your FWW community account, click on the "Profile" choice in the left navigation bar when signed into the private side of the site, then click on the "Delete Profile" option in the sub menu.

To cancel your Lifeworks membership, please notify our site admin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and she will delete your account.