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Frequently Asked Questions


What is First Wives World?

First Wives World is dedicated to empowering women through and beyond divorce, troubled relationships, single hood, widowhood and other life challenges. We empower women in two key ways: 1) through our free community, a private, secure support network, and 2) through our Lifeworks Assistance Program. 

Our Private Free Support Community - Our secure community is a social platform, protected from the search engines, which offers the necessary tools for its community members to anonymously connect with other like-minded women and find support, advice, encouragement and strength. At anytime and from anywhere a woman at the beginning of the difficult process of divorce is able to get suggestions, advice and comfort from women who are navigating, or have already navigated, those rough waters. Our community is 25,000 strong and growing. Join for free now.

Our Lifeworks Premium Membership ($189 per year) - In our desire to do more to empower women through and beyond life's challenges, we partnered with Lifeworks to create a tailor-made support service, providing best-in-class practical support. While divorce is our core focus, Lifeworks takes a holistic approach to navigating all of life's challenges, whether they be divorce, emotional and financial well-being, or overcoming any life issue or concern. Support and answers are always just a phone call away. Membership benefits include: 1) Gain access to masters level social workers for 24/7/365 live support, 2) Receive 25% off legal fees for all of your legal needs with up to 22,000 national, accredited attorneys to choose from, 3) Browse hundreds of resourceful articles, toolkits, audio recordings and more, 4) Save $1000's with up to 50% in significant discounts, perks and cash back rewards, 5) Divorce guide kit, 6) Legal document creator, 7) Free initial attorney and life coach sessions, 8) and much more. (We are launching our Lifeworks program in the coming weeks, so please check back soon!)


How do I become an FWW community member or get Lifeworks?

At the top the page you will see the words “join now” in blue. Just click and you will be taken to our register page. To become a member of either, simply fill out the fields and you’ll be on your way!


When I register, will my information be given to spammers and other third parties?

No way. No how. Your privacy is important to us. We have taken specific actions to ensure your information is safe and stays safe and we encourage you to read our privacy policy addressing this issue.


Why was my comment or post removed?

In the effort to keep First Wives World a comfortable place for everyone, we try to maintain a level of cleanliness in the comments. If your comment or post was removed, it probably was because it was spam, off-topic, rude or just not nice.


Can anyone join First Wives World or Lifeworks?

We welcome anyone and everyone who has been affected by divorce, directly or indirectly to gain support through our community, website or our Lifeworks premium membership. Our most active community members include women in all stages of divorce, but we have had a number of men join our community as well and, as long as they were respectful, they were welcome by our existing members. Everyone has come to FWW and Lifeworks with the common goal of challenging the old views and practices and placing a new face on divorce that is vibrant, connected and supportive.


Privacy & Anonymity: Is The Content I Post On The Private Community Section Of The Site Seen By The Search Engines?

First Wives World is made up of two key sections: the public side (blue), and the private community side (magenta). All content on the public side is seen by the search engines, and the private community side is cut off entirely to the search engines. Samplings of the community content does anonymously show up on public side of the site, but these samplings are never associated with any particular user and are often limited in length.


How Do Professionals Become A Part Of First Wives World?

If you are a professional and would like to become a part of First Wives World, you can join our professional service directory by clicking here. Please note that our members consider the private community side of the site (magenta) a sacred place for them to find genuine support and positive reinforcement from other like-minded women. Our members prefer to keep the private community free of professionals pushing their products or services, and our site concierge, Hockney, strives to monitor and preserve this request. If you are a professional and would like to start a blog on the public side of our site, contribute resourceful content or be featured in our newsletter, please click here.


How do I advertise on First Wives World?

First, please review our advertising philosophy. After reviewing, contact us and we will get back to you shortly.