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Brenda Rodstrom

Brenda Rodstrom, MSW, LCSW, Family psychotherapist, business consultant, trainer and coach
215 W. 91st Street, #106
New York, NY 10024
P: 917.441.2999

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Brenda Rodstrom, LCSW, conceived and developed a professional practice that is dedicated to meeting the special needs of stepfamilies and single parents. Her company Stepfamily Dynamics offers counseling, coaching, and much practical advice on issues surrounding divorce, single parenting, and remarriage.

Brenda is also popular speaker and has contribued as an expert resource to print and Internet media.

A featured guest on the popular talk show "Daily Connections," Brenda presents practical advice to women struggling with issues around divorce, ex-spouses, and their new wives.

Brenda is a graduate of NYU School of Social Work and is affiliated with the Family and Couples Division of the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy, Stepping Stones Counseling Center, National Stepfamily Resource Center, and is a past Director of Stepfamily Association of America — Manhattan Chapter.

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Brenda Rodstrom

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This question is asked by many people in step relationships, and the questioners sometimes have their own agenda. It can be quite human to, well, not be so unhappy if your kids hate the woman who was responsible for the demise of your marriage. But…