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Laurie Puhn

Laurie Puhn, Family Law Attorney and Mediator

Laurie Puhn, J.D., is a family attorney and mediator in private practice and author of Instant Persuasion: How to Change Your Words to Change Your Life (Penguin), which offers advice on how to avoid communication blunders in professional and personal situations. She also serves as a legal expert on Fox News Channel and Court/TruTV.

Dubbed the "Dispute Doctor" in the national media, Puhn is a graduate of Harvard University and Harvard Law School where she served on the Board of the Harvard Mediation Program. She is also the host of "I on New York With Laurie Puhn" on WPXN-TV and the communication expert for's magazine.

With a reputation as the go-to person on a variety of legal and relationship issues, Puhn is a familiar face on CNN's "Tips fromthe Top," "Headline News," "Good Day NY," ABC's"20/20," WNBC's "Weekend Today in NY," "The Big Story" with John Gibson, "Studio B with Shepard Smith,""Fox & Friends," "Fox News Live" and "The LiveDesk," helping audiences understand big news stories, pop culture trends and legal issues.

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Laurie Puhn

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