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Dr. Linda Olson

Dr Linda Olson is a clinical psychologist, an author, a radio host and an advice columnist. She has successfully counseled men and women in troubled relationships for over two decades.

Dr. Olson has appeared on numerous TV shows and written for magazines such as Cosmo andRedbook. She holds a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology and two Masters Degrees from The Georgia School of Professional Psychology and The University Of Iowa. Dr. Olson is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Imago relationship therapist specializing in romantic attraction and love.

Dr. Olson has created a self-help relationship program which is called "The Three Cs Of Love" and is a carefully designed clinically based program which aims to help you find and sustain the relationship you desire. Dr. Olson has taken the very best of what is known about relationships and presents a 15 week step by step program to enable you to learn how to recognize and practice The Three Cs of Love: Chemistry, Compatibility and Commitment, to achieve a lasting, loving relationship and how to track your Three C's Of Love progress. Finally, here is an easy-to-follow, interactive program designed by a highly respected psychologist that simplifies and organizes the often confusing and discouraging process of finding and maintaining a meaningful relationship.

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Dr. Linda Olson

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