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Ivy Menchel

What is a divorce financial analysts and why do you need one?  Divorce or separation can be painful; emotions are flaring and you are about to embark on a journey of many decisions - a portion of which revolve around financial matters.  Uninformed decisions, based on less-than-accurate information lead to poor financial choices that will leave their mark for years to come.

The decisions you make during this process may be some of the most important economic decisions you make during your life. Preparation and knowledge are key for your success. And a divorce financial professional can help guide you through this decision process.  Marriage is about love, divorce is about money, assets and your financial future.  Start taking the smartest steps possible for your own sense of future well-being.

Ivy H. Menchel, CFP, CDFA
Family Wealth Planning Partners

My career as a financial professional began in 1993 at a premier financial services firm. Today my divorce financial analysis practice focuses on the objectives, needs and goals of clients; always beginning with a thorough understanding of their specific situation; committed to bringing creative options to clients for their financial issues; and a strong belief in advisor collaboration. 

“Finding Harmony in the Economics of Divorce” is truly the goal. 

I work with divorcing clients, as well as matrimonial attorneys and mediators to address the financial issues of divorce and assess their options for fair and equitable settlements. My divorce financial analysis expertise and software can determine the short and long-term impact of various divorce settlement options, supporting and educating my clients, and their advisors, through the entire divorce process. I am trained in mediation and though I do not practice mediation, these skills are utilized in collaborative, litigated and mediated cases. Education and knowledge will better assist divorcing clients as they negotiate their financial future and transition to the next phase of their life! 

I earned my BA in Psychology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and a CERTIFIED DIVORCE FINANCIAL ANALYST™. I have been a guest speaker on television and radio talk shows and have been the presenter at many workshops. Currently I am a member of the Financial Planning Association, Association of Divorce Financial Planners, New York Association of Collaborative Professionals, International Association of Collaborative Professionals, Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, New York Women in Film and Television and New York Business Forum.

Ivy Menchel

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