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Laura Campbell

Laura Campbell, founder of The D Spot and its companion website,, helps women regroup, renew and reinvent themselves before, during and after divorce. Laura created The D Spot after she was unable to find information to guide her through the end of her own marriage. She realized this was an unmet need and built an online source for women seeking support as they experience the phases of divorce.

Prior to launching The D Spot, Laura was a financial analyst, project manager and strategic planner. After a career transition, she opened Laura Campbell Consulting and worked with the non-profit sector of New Haven, CT. Soon after, she found herself not only in the midst of her own divorce, but also frustrated about the lack of resources for women. As a result, Laura combined her business knowledge with her entrepreneurial spirit and The D Spot was born.

Through The D Spot and her coaching practice, Laura helps divorcing women through life and relationship transitions, facing finances, finding their life’s purpose, effective co-parenting and mastering communication. Her work includes speaking, writing, and leading seminars and workshops in critical areas relating to divorce. Laura believes that every woman deserves to be the champion of her own destiny and live an extraordinary life.

When Laura is not devoting time to her two sons or her businesses, she is a contributing expert for Smart Women’s Coaching and producer of events for the 2008 Momference Series. Laura is also a member of the International Federation of Coaches and sits on the advisory board of the Life Purpose Institute.

Laura Campbell

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