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Marilyn Stowe

Mariyln Stowe, Family Law Attorney

Marilyn Stowe, one of the UK’s most sought after divorce lawyers, has acted for aristocrats, footballers’ wives and rock stars’ spouses.  Nicknamed “The Barracuda” for her tenacity, she specializes in cases involving assets of between $700,000 and $140 million.

In the UK Marilyn Stowe is well known for her family law expertise and for helping to overturn a notorious miscarriage of justice. Volunteering her assistance on a pro bono basis because she felt instinctively that something “was not right”, Stowe unearthed previously undisclosed medical evidence that freed Sally Clark, a mother jailed for life after being wrongly convicted of murdering her babies.

Marilyn Stowe is a married mother of one.

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Marilyn Stowe

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Coping With Divorce, Part 2: Fight Your Demons

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Divorce and the Rights of Grandparents

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Jewish Divorce and the Right to Choose

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Take a Break: Divorce From Reality

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The Credit Crunch Divorce

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When Being Too Motherly Can Land You in Jail

Saturday, 04 February 2012 08:28
I once read an article in the Sunday Times that ruined my otherwise very pleasant day.The piece by concerned a mother who was being imprisoned because of her&

How to Minimize Divorce Costs in a Recession

Wednesday, 28 December 2011 08:37
Divorce is always turbulent, and often fraught with unexpected complications, but an economic recession may make a bad situation worse. If you are about to divorce or are considering it, choices made now will have a significant impact upon…

Can Women Have Trophy Boyfriends?

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Divorce Lawyers and Second Opinions

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 07:55
I often see clients who are looking for second opinions on their cases. Many of them have started off with local solicitors, or solicitors they have known for many years. Typically, such a client had been brimming with confidence at first, and had…
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